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Step by Step:

Please follow the instructions below to submit an application:

Step 1: Complete the application form. Where there are (*), you MUST provide the information as required.
            At the end of the application form, the DECLARATION must be given (ticked) otherwise the application process is
            incomplete. Once we receive your application, you will receive an invoice and a contract.

Step 2: Please complete and sign the contract and make the payment according to the details shown on the invoice.

Step 3: Please send us the proof of payment, the completed contract, copy of students passport and photograph of the
            student. We will then issue a confirmation of guardianship to school.

Step 4: After all the required documents have been received, click on MEMBER LOGIN PAGE to activate the student database
            using the username and password provided and by providing the arrival details.


Please be advised;
» CAAW & CoE are issued by the education provider (school/university) when all the required documents have been submitted.
   The CAAW period is usually 2 weeks prior to course commencement and up to 7 days after course end.

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