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A+J STUDENT CARE SERVICES begins our service even before the student arrives to commence their study in Australia. All under 18 students are given the utmost assistance in order to make the smooth transition from their home county to a new environment.

We provide a range of services for our students and some to the parents who may accompany their children to Australia.

Once the student has arrived in Australia, they are assigned a consultant who will be contacting them on a weekly basis. The student may also contact their consultant at any time should they feel the need to do so. Our consultants also provide weekly reports online which are accessible to both the parents and the educational institution who wish to monitor the student's progress.

Prior to student's arrival in Australia we will:
• provide parents through their education agent or directly some important information on what they should be expecting in   Australia
• answer queries on the welfare of the student that the parents may have
• ensure airport pick up has been arranged for the student
• ensure the student has the information on their accommodation whether a homestay or other student accommodation
• ensure the student has our contact details, contact number of the airport pickup service and the number of the contact   person of their education institution

We provide the following services to students, parents and education institutions:
» A visit to the student's accommodation and orientation briefing about living in Australia
» Outline the under 18 student obligations under their Student Visa conditions and the regulations of their education    providers.
» Arrangements to open a bank account and purchase of a sim card (IMPORTANT Note: we DO NOT sign any mobile phone    CONTRACT for any student. Under 18 students are advised to purchase a PrePaid SIM card)
» Maintain weekly contacts with the student to offer assistance and advice as required.
» Maintain contact with the homestay host or student accommodation supervisors
» Investigate any concern the student may have regarding their accommodation
» Notify and seek approval from education providers should the student wish to change accommodation
» A 24 hour contact available for students and parents in case of emergency
» Sign student's excursion and medical forms based on information provided by parents
» Investigate student's absence from class and liaise with school staff as contacted
» An emergency number for ambulance, police or fire brigade
» Taking students to a doctor or hospital when needed, and informing parents should a serious medical condition arises
» Attend parent teacher interviews at schools on behalf of the parents and provide a report to the parents
» Assist students book airplane tickets to travel home during holiday periods if required.
» On request we will also monitor student's academic progress by liaising with the school staff should the academic report be    made available

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